Psionic Gaming was founded in November 2016 (November 9 is the anniversary date) by Matt Brunken, Clay Brown, and Ryan Tindall. It later went on to become a Network fulfilling goals of many led by Matt Brunken as the CEO and Denis "Russ", Wyatt "Stardust", and Justin "Clutch".

Psionic Gaming is a Semi-Pro eSports Gaming Organization built with the determination to provide membership to those who need a home in the competitive gaming world and providing a community for those more casual gamers. Psionic Gaming is headquartered in its official discord server found here.


Matt "Takeshi" (CEO): takeshi@psionicgaming.com

Wyatt "Stardust" (Leading Owner): stardust@psionicgaming.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PsionicGaming