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  • Thu 16th Mar 2017 - 5:57am

    In order to use the Psionic Gaming forums, we ask that you follow some rules. If you have any questions or need to report someone, I recommend seeking out a Mod (Manager) or Admin (Owner/Executive).

    1. Do not spam. This includes posting nonsense or consistent messages that add no value to original topics or to the community of Psionic Gaming.
    2. Do not be rude to other community members, Psionic Gaming members, Staff, or our affiliates.
    3. Do not use vulgar language towards anyone, and do not obsessively use inappropriate language in your postings.
    4. Do not post inappropriate images or links (this includes porn, NSFW, etc).
    5. Do not advertise your products, services, or communities. Approved Links: YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter
    6. Listen to staff members (they're tagged with Mod and Admin, or they're listed in Staff Members).
    7. Do not post recruitment applications for Psionic Gaming or beg/request to be on the official Psionic Gaming team. Speak with proper managers.

    Thank you and have fun posting!

    CEO of Psionic Gaming - - “The team that keeps winning is not the most talented but the most hard-working.” - Zoltan Andrejkovics

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