TopicHow to set up Norton Antivirus?

  • Mon 22nd Jun 2020 - 7:00am

    When compared to another antivirus program, Norton antivirus basic doesn’t offer a free trial option to its customer. It gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee to customer, however, customers need to pay money and later need to apply for a refund.

    • Installing Norton antivirus is a pretty simple process.
    • Norton antivirus program gives uninstall message prompt to the user if any other antivirus program is present on your system
    • Users can follow the guidelines for installing antivirus and it will give other extension options to users like browser extension – Norton safe web advises etc.
    • It will also provide password management option
    • These are freeware provided by Norton antivirus
    • Norton program requires 1.6GB of disk space ( this is somewhat higher than its competitors)
    • It has very minimal impact on system performance with less than 50 MB of RAM on chrome extension hosting
    • Norton antivirus program runs smoothly on the system

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