TopicHow to solve the Norton installation problems?

  • Wed 12th Aug 2020 - 7:58am

    Want to solve the Norton installation problems then follow the below steps:

    • Check if your system already has another antivirus program installed; If any other antivirus software is installed on your system then go to control panel and uninstall the old or previous antivirus program from your system and restart the system
    • Now try to install the fresh copy of Norton antivirus on your system. Go to the official website of Norton antivirus and download the latest version of the Norton antivirus program and follow the steps to complete the installation process.
    • If you are still getting the issue, clean the junk and temporary files from the system using command or utility.
    • If the old version of Norton antivirus is present on your system, use ‘remove and reinstall’ utility from Norton antivirus and reinstall the fresh copy of Norton antivirus.
    • The fast startup option in windows 10 may be the cause of this issue, disable the fast startup option, and shut down the machine.
    • Always run the live updates for Norton antivirus software on your system. If you are still facing the issue, then contact the technical team of Norton antivirus products. The technical team is always available to assist you with all kinds of issues and problems. The support team can take the remote access of your system and help you to solve the issue. For setup guide visit

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