TopicHow to download the McAfee using the product key

  • Mon 7th Sep 2020 - 7:22am

    If you wish to download the McAfee antivirus from the official website and manage the subscription then before you start the actual process, keep the McAfee product key handy. Go to McAfee official website, login McAfee account with credentials, enter the product subscription key when prompted. Once you enter the key and verification process is complete, you can start downloading the software on local storage. Now follow the guidelines to complete the installation process. 

    If you wish to add more devices to subscription, then, chose the related pack and you can add a device. For any issue contact our customer service team

  • Tue 20th Oct 2020 - 4:52pm

    I have other brand or set of Anti Virus on my laptop but it gives a lag when using it and I wanted to switch on McAfee but I don't know how to activate it. Luckily I saw you useful guide on "How to download the McAfee using the product key". I tried following the steps and it successfully install Mcafee on my laptop and I can finally played among us: 5.6 hrs in the last 2 weeks without worrying about my security. If you are interested in playing this game then check this guide on how to play among us on pc

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