TopicWhat is Norton Error 5013, 3 and how to fix it?

  • Tue 1st Oct 2019 - 8:23am

    Norton error 5013, 3 is a runtime error. This error could appear during program installation or the windows start-up and shut down. Sometimes this error could occur during the Norton antivirus program operations. It is very important to keep track of the occurrence of error code 5013.

    How to fix Norton Security error 5013 3?

    • Conduct full scanning of the system
    • Cleaning system junk files
    • Windows registry changes
    • Reinstall of Norton antivirus

    If you are still not able to solve this issue then contact Norton support phone number 0800-368-9219.

  • Fri 20th Dec 2019 - 6:56am

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