League of Legends

League of Legends

The official players for the League of Legends Psionic Gaming teams.

  • Hi Im geno

    Shane Hogan

    Ayy there, I'm just a Gamer that is competitive and loves a good challenge. I play League of Legends and I play ADC...Read More

  • Ventus

    Chasten Johansen

    Mid Laner for Psionic Nova ~ Just a kid with a dream...Read More

  • Vaternix

    Dominic Hogan

    Jungle league of legends player for Psionic Nova.  "Even if things are painful and tough people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all." - Yato...Read More

  • Yæger

    Soran Varela

    Top laner for Psionic Nova. when im not playing league im either working or spending time with my girl...Read More

  • KeRin

    Steve Kerrison

    Hiya! I'm Steve (KeRin) Kerrison. I'm the support for Psionic Nova league of legends. I live in Waterloo Ontario and I currently play league almost full time while doing some studying and work on the side. I'm super competetive and love playing team games. This is my first team outside of solo queue and it's been awesome so far and looking forward to growing as a player with my team....Read More

  • bigmacadam1

    AdamH Hutchins

    I love you , and im in Psionic Gaming,team captain of team chosens geno if you are reading this fuck you. i play league of legos and im a jungler who feeds on hecriem !...Read More

  • Sukhoi

    Aaron Dugan

    League of Legends support player for Psionic Limitless. You must look within yourself to save yourself from your other self, only then will your true self reveal itself....Read More

  • RôA

    Jorge Roa

    My name is Jorge "RôA" Roa, and I’m currently a free agent.  ...Read More

  • Smakt

    ...Read More

  • PSI Snow

    Matthew Martin

    I am a Support main, currently a free agent within the org....Read More

  • Shíeid

    Myron Ellis

    ...Read More

  • Ksdden

    Terry Miller

    I'm the ADC for Psionic Limitless, I peaked D3 86 LP in season 6. I play League, Overwatch, and various MMO's from time to time. ...Read More

  • Power

    Ben Carlson

    On League of legends team,Top  laner for Psionic Fates....Read More