The official players for the Overwatch Psionic Gaming teams.

  • Firimbo

    Frederic Morin

    Hi i'm Firimbo, One of the support in Psionic Overwatch team! Seasoned FPS player looking to make it to the top....Read More

  • SeanSynergy

    Sean Peppel

    Okay....Read More

  • dague99

    danick guertin

    just a random dude who love playing video game competitively....Read More

  • Shadowww

    Ryan Tindall

    Hey, I'm Shadowww otherwise known as Ryan and I play Overwatch n stuff, I am a DPS main on mostly Tracer and Pharah most of the time. :D...Read More

  • VibeZ

    Clay Brown

    Hi Im VibeZ... I Flex for the Psionic Overwatch roster!...Read More